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How to Join Mugdock Makkers
Mugdock   Makkers   is   always   on   the   lookout   for   new   members   who   are   artists   and   craft   workers   of   quality   -
especially   in   crafts   that   are   not   well   represented   in   the   Gallery   at   Mugdock   Park.   In   order   to   apply,   please
complete   this   form    and   take   it   to   the   Gallery   for   the   attention   of   Membership   Director,   ( Mugdock   Makkers   Ltd.,
Mugdock   Makkers   Arts   and   Craft   Gallery,   Mugdock   Country   Park,   Mugdock,   Milngavie,   Glasgow,   G62   8EL) ,   along
with   a   varied   sample   of   finished   work   -   say   3   to   5   pieces   -   priced   for   sale   and,   in   the   case   of   painters,   framed
ready   for   display.   It   is   also   useful   if   you   can   give   us   some   idea   of   the   price   range   you   would   charge   for   your
goods   in   the   gallery.   The   prices   should   be   the   price   to   the   customer.   Remember   that   Mugdock   Makkers   will   take
33% of the selling price.Your application will be considered at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.
If   you   are   accepted,   you   will   be   expected   to   man   the   gallery   or   demonstrate   your   craft   approximately   once   a
month   on   a   rota   (see   below).   In   your   application,   please   would   you   indicate   what   kind   of   demonstration   you
would do?
To help you, here is some general information about Mugdock Makkers and their commitments.
General Mugdock   Makkers   is   a   group   of   artists,   craftsmen   and   women.   As   such   we   expect   to   participate   jointly   in   all
the activities of the Makkers. Mugdock   Makkers   Limited   is   a   company   limited   by   guarantee.   This   means   that   each   and   every   Makker
individually guarantees the sum of £1 in the event that the company ceases trading. Mugdock   Makkers,   like   all   companies,   has   directors.   Currently   they   are:-   Richard   Kingslake   (Treasurer)
Mhairi    Sim,    Irene    Blackwood,    Angie    McLean    Boyle    and    Lynne    McGill.    Lucy    Jackson    is    the    Gallery
Provisional members When   a   craft   worker   is   first   accepted   by   the   Committee,   and   has   paid   the   entry   fee   (Three   months   in
advance: £30*), he or she will be regarded as a provisional member of Mugdock Makkers. Once   any   Makker   has   been   accepted   for   a   particular   craft,   the   Makker   may   not   offer   for   sale   items   in   a
different   category   without   first   being   approved   by   the   Board.   For   example,   a   painter,   duly   approved,   may
not offer jewellery for sale without specific approval by the Board. The   exact   range   of   articles   for   sale   must   be   approved   by   the   Board.   For   example,   if   the   craft   is   "textiles"   it
must be clearly indicated exactly what kind of articles are being produced, with samples. A provisional Makker, when approved, pays three months membership fee in advance (see above). Provisional   Makkers   will   be   included   on   the   website   ( www.mugdockmakkers.co.uk )   and   in   any   external
events organised by Mugdock Makkers Ltd. After   three   months,   the   Board   may   decide   to   offer   full   membership   to   a   provisional   Makker   who   has
achieved good sales figures.
Craft items for sale Each   Makker   should   bring   items   for   sale   to   the   Gallery   and   keep   an   accurate   record   of   stock   in   the   system
set up by the Board. Items   for   sale   should   be   marked   with   each   Makker's   number,   together   with   the   item’s   own   individual   code,
and the selling price. The labels provided for this have that information pre-printed. The   selling   price   is   calculated   as   the   amount   the   Makker   wishes   to   receive   +50%.   For   example,   if   the
Makker   wishes   to   receive   £10   for   an   item,   it   will   be   on   sale   at   £15.   The   £5   extra   represents   the
commission to Mugdock Makkers Ltd. As you see, £5 is 33.3% of the selling price. Where   and   how   items   are   displayed   in   the   Gallery   is   entirely   under   the   control   of   the   Gallery   Supervisor.
Individual Makkers do not arrange items on display. Restocking      should      only      be      done      in      consultation      with      the      Gallery      supervisor      (email:
manager@mugdockmakkers.co.uk ). The   money   owed   to   a   Makker   from   sales   made   in   the   Gallery   will   normally   be   paid   shortly   after   the   end   of
each calendar month, by bank transfer.
Gallery duties Every   Makker,   including   provisional   Makkers,   must   be   prepared   to   man   the   Gallery   between   11:00   am   and
5:00 p.m. (11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the winter) according to a rota. This will be about once a month. We   have   a   Gallery   Supervisor   who   mans   the   Gallery   for   two   days   each   week.   Makkers   man   on   the   other
days. Every   Makker   must   be   prepared   to   run   a   craft   activity   or   demonstration   on   a   Saturday   or   Sunday   according
to a rota. This will be about once every three months usually instead of a shop duty day. If   a   Makker   cannot   perform   his   or   her   duty   as   allocated,   then   it   is   up   to   the   individual   Makker   (not   the
Board)   to   arrange   a   swap   with   another   Makker.   To   this   end,   every   Makker   is   provided   with   a   list   of   the
telephone numbers of all Makkers. Do not rely on voicemail or email! It   is   most   important   that   the   Gallery   is   open   for   the   hours   advertised:   11:00   am   to   5:00   p.m.   (or   11:00
a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in winter) every day .
Subscription Every   Makker   pays   a   subscription   each   month   when   they   become   a   full   Makker.   This   subscription   is   £10*
per month, paid by standing order.
Communication Communications   to   all   Makkers   will   normally   be   by   e-mail.   If   this   is   not   suitable,   please   let   the   Secretary
know, who will send such communications by normal post.
Apply - Download Application Form If   you   feel   that   this   could   be   for   you   download   and   print   off   the   application   form   found   here    and   send   or
deliver it to the Gallery in the Courtyard at Mugdock Country Park. Good luck!
*These figures are correct in January 2017.
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